Bad CC,  Bugs

My Sims look horrible


  1. My Sims have long arms and legs. They look like monsters
  2. My Babys are invisible
  3. Cut neck, waist and feet
    Hals abgeschnitten
  4. Toddlers and babies are stretched


Problems 1 – 3

The cause of this are clothing and hair that are categorized for the wrong age groups. There are many such downloads in the Exchange which you can download if you download a Sim or a household.

If you uninstall such a download, babies that were wearing the outfit become invisible.

Problem 4

This problem is a bit different and has nothing to do with bad cc but with missing animations. There are a few interactions in the game, that are available for toddlers where they shouldn’t be. Since the game is missing the prober animation for it, they use the ones for adults and stretch. This can also happen with animals.

The problem on the right side of the picture happens because babies and toddlers of inactive families are not really present in the world when they don’t have the focus. If you now zoom on these houses, the games sometimes messes up and displays them in this way.


Problems 1-3

  1. These cloth need to be uninstalled through the launcher. Since the package files in the DCBackup folder that belong to these are not automatically deleted, I recommend to manually delete them as well. It’s not enough to only delete them from the DCBackup folder.
    To prevent getting badCC, use Custard before installing the files.
  2. Age the baby with the birthday cake
  3. See 1)

Problem 4


This is a bug that needs to be addressed by EA. Toddlers gets back to normal after they are done with the animation.


This is a simply display error that can be solved by restarting the game. Never ever take such a baby to CAS since this can crash your game.


A list with faulty clothing/shoes/hair can be found here:  faulty clothing

Info about streched Babies: SimAd
Pictures:  JoselinePlyr, badromance99, Lufferkinzify, astralvampyreMimm, Figwit, Diewoe, FuryRed, joswan, shawniegore, hof1971 und Kim5496.

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