Crowds in front of the school


In front of the school there’s a huge crowd of Sims that can’t enter the building. This is causing the sims not going to school and dropping grades.



In town with lots of children and teen the Sims get in each others way. Since only one sim at the time can enter/leave the building, going to school takes forever.


  • Build a second (or more) school
    • Bulldoze the existing school and let the game run for a few minutes (so every student is removed from the school)
    • Rebuild the school and a second one somewhere else
    • Save and restart your game.
    • All kids and teens are now assigned to the school closest to their home lot.
  • Send your kid to school early so that they are the first to enter the building. This way you can assure that at least your active sims go to school

Mods, that help with the problem

  • Twallan’s Career Mod gives you the opportunity to home school your kids or send the Sims to a specialty school.
  • Twoftmama’s Route Fix Mod (Flavor 2-4) makes the routing much better and helps that more than one Sim can enter the building
Trif, playeralyalywekl for the picture

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