Incompatible Mods

Sim is missing all his traits


When I want to create a Sim in CAS, I can’t choose any traits or the lifetime wish. All my already created Sims miss them too.


This problem is caused by incompatible Mods/Hacks that change anything about the traits (list not conclusive)

  • Hidden Traits unlocked (Treeag – HiddenTraits.package)
  • Unlocked Traits for babies and toddlers for predestination (UnlockedTraitsToddlersBabiesjimTNW.package)
  • More Children LTR and Traits (JTP_childLTR.package, JTP_childTraits.package, JTP_childLTR_childTraits.package)
  • Cooking And Ingredients Overhaul (CookingAndIngredientsOverhaul.package)


Remove the mod can clear your cache files.

To restore the traits for existing Sims, use the cheat testingcheatsenabled true, shift-click on the Sim and choose Add Traits.

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