Incompatible Mods

Social Interactions are missing


When I click on a Sim to interact with him there’s only the option mean or no options at all.


  1. This problem is caused by incompatible Mods/Hacks that change anything about the social interactions (list not conclusive)
    • “Ask if Single” changed to Friendly interaction (AskIfSingleIsFriendly.package)
    • Teenage Woohoo in irgendeiner Form
    • Same Sex Pregnancy (SameSexPregnancy.package)
    • Autonomous WooHoo + Try for Baby (woohooOnly.package, woohoobaby.package)
    • Autonomous Romantic Socials – TYAE – Same Sex (AutoRomanticSocials.package)
  2. In some cases, especially since Patch 1.21/1.22/GEN it’s not possible to interact with single Sims. In those cases an occurrence of an error probably fried the whole social menu for the Sim.


  1. Remove the mod and clear your cache files.
  2. Corrupt interaction menus can in most cases be fixed by moving the Sim out and back in.

Mods that help with the issue

  • ErrorTrap or Overwatch correct the issue in most cases
  • PortraitPanel, Selector & RelationshipPanel could be able to tell you where the problem lies. Post any scriptErrors they produce in Twallan’s forum.

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