Barnacle Bay

What is this Barnacle Bay ?

Barnacle Bay is a  Store world which can be bought through the Sims 3 Store and in retail stores (only contains a code, no disc). It’s another world like Sunset Valley, Riverview etc with a pirate based theme. There is also the Buccaneer’s Bounty Set available that is now included in the new version.

Barnacle Bay is no vacation world and has no extra functionality.

Which Patch/Add-ons do I need for Barnacle Bay ?

You will need the latest patch and the base game.

Why doesn’t my retail version contain a disc ?

The box contains a redemption code which can be redeemed at the Sims 3 Store. You will still need a Internet Connection to get it. To get it on DVD you will need to download the file from the Store and then burn the file Barnacle Bay.Sims3Pack to a CD yourself.

How to I redeem my code ?

Go to this page: A New World Awaits – Escape to Barnacle Bay today and click on Redeem Code on the right hand side to enter you code. You can later download the world from your Purchase History.

Barnacle Bay is missing from myPage and the page shows I don’t own it although I do

Since the new Barnacle Bay also contains Buccaneer’s Bounty + two extra stairs, it’s not the same set as they had when it first came ou. Thus, you don’t own it, even if you have both Barnacle Bay and Buccaneer’s Bounty. To redownload the version you bought, you may do so through your Purchase History. I would advise you save the file Barnacle Bay.Sims3Pack and BuccaneerSet.Sims3Pack to an external hard drive so that you can reinstall if your Purchase History is acting up.

Is there a possibility to get those stairs if I have already bought Barnacle Bay

I don’t think that is possible anymore.

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