Consignement Store/Elixir Store not working


  1. I can’t sell any more items. The option is gray
  2. When I click on the register, nothing happens


  1. After 5 days unsold items are supposed to be returned to the seller. That does not work and the item get a negative number of days making the buy option unusable
  2. When your Sim goes on vacation all stuff that he gave to the consignment store are going back into the Sims inventory and instead of emptying out the list in the Store, the list gets deleted rendering the register unusable.


  1. Cancel all items with a negative number of days left.
  2. Bulldozing/ building a new store might help. To omit, get all your consignments back before going on vacation.

Mods that solve the problem

  1. Overwatch should fix the problem
  2. Overwatch should fix the problem

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