Crowd gatherings on community lots


  • There are crowds on community lots that don’t want to leave. They are tired and dying but won’t go home.
  • I invited a Sim but they cancel the appointment saying they are busy
  • I got a job for my self-employed Sim but the client canceled moments later
  • My role sims (bouncer, mixologist, etc) and serviceNPCs (butler, maid, etc) never show up.


The actor career in LN has opportunities where inactive Sims get drawn to the community lot the actor has to do the opportunity. Unfortunately they never are ‘undrawn’ again, making them come back to that lot. Because all inactive Sims (including Service NPCs and Role Sims) are also drawn there, that’s where you might find them.

Those Sims might also be stuck somewhere (especially in a spot in the mountains behind the hospital in Bridgeport) so that the never make it to their work place.


Sometime it can help to bulldoze the entire lot and build the lot newly.

Mods that solve the problem

  • Overwatch has a fix for the problem.

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