Missing UI


I can’t play anymore for there is no User Interface in my game anymore.


  • The User Interface can be turned of via F10 so that you can take pictures or make a video without the UI.
  • Corrupt save. An error occurs on load-up which makes it impossible to load the game properly.
  • Any ScriptErrors on loadup that prevent the game from loading properly.


  • Press F10 or ESC
  • Try if reloading the game helps
by garbuckle3000

  • Minimize the game and make a copy of your savegame
  • Maximize the game
  • Use ALT+Q to save and return to the main menu
  • Restart the game.
by Cyron43
  • Open the cheat console with ctl-shift-c
  • Type resetsim *
  • Hit Alt-F4 to be promted to save the game
  • Restart the game, you should have your interface back

If nothing helps, you will need a mod to correct that or load a backup

Mods that help with the problem

  • ErrorTrap can save most of these savegames.

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