Sim freezes while taking pictures


Every time I take a picture with the WA Camera, my Sim freezes.

Other Symptoms of this bug

  • The photography skill tab  is empty
  • Pictures are stuck in the inventory


As trukittn at MTS found is this bug caused by open opportunities and adventures. As soon as you have one open and take a picture, the error will occur. It will then spread to all your save games.

As it seems there is no possibility to  play those opportunities and adventures that involve taking pictures atm.
I’m unsure if that also applies to the architecture career.


  • Reset the frozen Sim
  • Close/cancel all open opportunities and adventures and delete your Cache-Files
  • Buy a camera, move to a new lot, move back to the old lot. It’s important that you don’t buy any new cameras after the move or you will get the freezing again.