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How do I uninstall a Mod/Hack ?


Some mods can’t simply be ripped out or you will destroy your savegame.

Since the introduction of premium items, EA has fixed an error with injection though so there aren’t as many mods that use special instructions any more.

I don’t know anything about Awesome mod so if you’re using that, make sure to read all instructions available.

Extra steps for specific Mods

copied from Twallan’s wiki¬†


Uninstall instructions:

  • First uninstall all CareerData packages. Leave NRaas_Career.package installed for the moment
  • Load up the game and save the game under a new save name
  • Now uninstall the NRaas_Career.package

If you uninstall this mod, any sims currently employed in these jobs will be immediately fired and any career progress will be lost.

This is a Careers Injector mod (obviously). If you uninstall a custom school career, you must ensure that the schools for all your children are no longer using that career, or the game will no longer load properly.

–> You can install Traveler to correct the load-up issue that occurs from improperly uninstalling a custom school career.


If you uninstall this mod, any beds replaced by this mod will be immediately destroyed.

Any sim utilizing the bed will also be vanished, and may require the use of a recovery mechanism to retrieve.


If you uninstall this mod, any save-games you have saved while on vacation in a custom destination will no longer function properly.

If you intend to remove this mod for any reason, ensure that your sims have been saved in the home-town