Disc Authentication Error


When I want to start the game, I get the message: No Game disc found! Please insert <name of disc> game disc before proceeding. I have the disc in, so what’s the problem ?


If you have the disc in your drive, there might be several causes for this

  • You have the wrong disc in. You always need to put in the disc of the latest released game. Not the latest you bought, the latest that was released. The message should give you a clue which one.
  • The disc is scratched and cannot be read.
  • You have a cracked version of the game (sorry, buy the game)
  • You have a CD-Emulation software installed on your system
  • Your DVD drive is broken


  • Always use the latest disc version. That means the one that was released last
  • Clean the disc and try if another Computer can read it.
  • Make sure your DVD drive is working by trying another disc
  • Buy the game
  • Disable or uninstall any CD-Emulations software on your system
  • Activate your game with Origin and download the Download Version. You should be able to do so with your serial-code provided with the box version. You can activate your number here:
  • If you want to play with the download version, make sure to uninstall the disc version first. It’s not enough to activate in Origin, you need to actually install the download version.

If you are getting this message with the download version, I have no solution for you

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