Create-A-Pet Demo (SCRAP)

Update 2011-09-28
EA has corrected the problem with the uninstalling store content. If you still have issues, redownload it. You will need to uninstall the old version.

This demo has a few problems so please read this entire post before downloading/installing.


For more info and solutions, please check this thread: CAP Demo – ♦ Please Read and post your issues here ♦. You can also post there if you have other problems or the solutions provided don’t work for you.

Things to do before installing

  • Before you install this demo you should backup your game data because the demo shares it with your original game. This can screw up your save games and your custom content.
  • If you can, install the demo on a computer you do not have the game installed (or do not care what happens to it)
  • This demo must be treated like a patch. If you install on the same computer, please take a moment to read this: TUTORIAL: What to do before patching. Not everything applies but it’s a good read anyways.
  • Do not save the game from inside the tutorial. You can’t access those savegames with the demo anyways and if you by accident choose your regular ones, you’ll screw them up.
  • If you are using mods, please read this note by twallan:  Create A Pet Demo Compatibility
  • I would advise you, to create a separate game data folder to use with the SCRAP. To do this, simply make a copy of theSims3 folder in your [user directory]. Name it theSims3.demo (or any other name you like). To start the demo, rename your regular folder to and remove the demo from the copy you made. If you want to play the game again, just rename the folders back. You should do this every time you start the demo. This way, your game data is safe. Also make a backup of it to an external drive.

Where can I get the Demo ?

For people in the US, there are a few options: Amazon, the Origin Website or the Origin program.

How do I start the Demo

You should find a new icon on your desktop that you can click.

Afterwards a lighter version of the Launcher is being started.

Press the play button as always and the demo will start

Can I play the Demo without this launcher ?

Yes, you find the .exe file of the demo here: C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesThe Sims 3 Pets Create a Pet DemoGameBinTS3CAP.exe (Path my vary depending on your OS)

Can I choose the language ?

You might be able to through the Demos available at Gamestop and Amazon. If you download through Origin, Origin chooses the language for you, depending on your current location.

What animals can I create with the Demo ?

You can create horses, dogs and cats. You’ll have the full functionality the actual EP will have.

Can I already upload my creations to the Exchange ?

Yes, using the SCRAP-Launcher this should work the same way as the game does

Can I already integrate the animals in my game ?

No, you can’t. You will need the actual EP for that. If you do want to get some ingame feeling, you can download Twallan’s Create-A-Pet Demo Jailbreak mod. There is no support given and you use it on your own risk.

My demo crashes on load-up and shows all kinds of weird behavior

If you have any mods in your game, remove them. They are not compatible with the demo.

All animals are distorted

I have no solution as of yet but it might be because of unsupported graphic cards and/or outdated drivers. geminiagre found that this might be connected to CC. Remove all your cc and check if it gets rid of the problem.

Further Reading

SimsVIP_Admin, Margeh75, twallan, ldmarko, SpiderCrowWolf and many others. It’s hard to tell, who had which idea first, so apologizes if I missed anyone.