Error,  Origin

QtCore4.dll not found


I get the following error message: The program can’t start because QtCore4.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.


This file belongs to Origin and should be in the folder C:Programs(x86)Origin.


Reinstall Origin. You don’t need to reinstall the game, reinstalling Origin will do.

Uninstall it and then clean your registry using ccleaner. After that download the newest version direclty from EA and install that.

The newest version can be found here:

If you search the net, you’ll find the file for download. Don’t download them since it might not be the right version. Reinstalling Origin is done easily and quickly.

This solutions is also valid for other games like Battlefield 3 or Fifa 12. Basically any game that uses Origin since this is not  a game but a Origin issue.

Picture: SimMira@MTS

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