Showtime, a patch and my page

Showtime is just around the corner with many changes that you probably know more about than me.

Showtime and the upcoming patch will bring us new social features that affect the game as well as the  my page on the  official Webseite. You can check the January News on the official page to see what they are in detail.

My Page

EA has announced extensive maintenance for Monday and after they said on the Showtime Chat that the changes to my page will come next week, it’s not too far fetched to think that we will get the new page early Tuesday morning.

It’s unclear if everything will work smoothly after these changes and to make sure, that non of your creations or bought Store Content gets lost, I recommend to save the following content to your computer:

This does not mean, that everything will be lost, this is just a precaution. It’s up to you to decide how important your stuff is to you
  • Go to your Studio and download all your creations as well as creations of other users you like and want to save for further use. Use Save File instead of Add to Game to save it to a location of your choice.
  • Take a screenshot of your profile that shows how many Simpoints you have left on your account or write the number down somewhere.
  • Go to your purchase history and download all your Store-Stuff you have bought (this is not necessary if you already saved everything on an external disk or still have everything in the Downloads folder). After downloading, you’ll find everything in the Downloads folder in the file directory. Save the files to an external drive or a memory stick.
  • Copy the text of long and important blog entries and My Story to a text-file.
  • They will also be connecting the Sims Account to Origin, so that may show up on my page. If you are using your real name on origin, make sure to change it to your Sims page one: Upcoming My Page Changes & Origin ID’s

Here you’ll find some further info concerning My Page: New Sims 3 My Page – Preview, Info & Help

The Patch

The patch will probably be released shortly before or on release day.

Which changes are coming with the patch, is not clear yet but my assumptions are:

  • Social Features (not SimPort) –> confirmed
  • Achievements –>  confirmed
  • Makeup changeable per clothing category
  • New Cheats
  • BugFixes

For this patch all tips stay the same. Make sure to remove all your mods and restore any original files you might have changed.

My recommendation is to wait with patching until the Patch Downloader is updated.


It’s not to be expected that Showtime will bring a 2nd patch but you never know. Usually the first patch is on the DVD. Should there be a second patch, you will need to download it.

Collecting Bugs

Bug-Thread in the official Forum is here: Showtime & Patch Bug Thread and I will once again do my best to help everyone. Unfortunatly my time is still limited until about the end of march.

Remember, you will never need to buy a EP to fix a bug. If the patch doesn’t fix the bug, the EP won’t either.

Have fun, everyone!