Patch 1.32

Info on the Patch with EP07 content

Here are the details what this is about: Sims 3 Patch 1.32 – *Expansion #7 Spoilers!*.

The code to this was only in the SuperPatch (cumulative Patch) and not in the incremental patch so not everyone has it.

I did some research today and now SimGuruRusskii has made a Statement in the US Forum Patch 1.32 Thread saying that they are working on an update and that reinstalling is not necessary.

As I see it there are two reasons for reinstalling your game:

  1. You don’t want this content in your game
  2.  You are using custom skin tones in your game

I would wait a week though to see if EA comes up with another patch before that.

There’s another Update, Make sure to take the necessary precautions again before you update: Showtime, a patch and my page. Core Mods need to be removed.

The Manual Patches can be found here: Game Help:TS3 Patching:Patch Download/Current 

Patch Downloader has also been updated. There’s even a new version to download (to fix a software error)

The Social features cannot be used anymore until you update. It doesn’t let you log in.

Norton Antivirus seems to think the Launcher is Malware after this Update. It puts the Sims3LaunerW.exe in Quarantine. This makes your launcher not wanting to start anymore. Get it out of Quarantine. The Update should be safe (other Virus programs don’t have an issue with it). If you’re not patched it’s best to disable the program while patching.

If you are using Twallan’s Mods, make sure to check his update status: State of the Mod. According to him, it’s a game-engine fix only so his mods (and probably most others if they were updated for 1.31) are still compatible. ErrorTrap needs an update to stop the message from appearing.

Unsure about CAW.

Patch Notes

(Source: EA)

This game update includes the following changes:

  • Prevention of any custom, user-created content from being installed in the host’s game when using SimPort.
  • Capability to remove any files associated with a visiting Sim during a SimPort experience so they are not saved to a player’s system permanently.