Patch 1.3x – What’s the issue ?

UPDATE 06/05/12

This issue is fixed with patch 1.34. If you are missing the collections, install the SuperPatch for 1.34 and you will get those.

This Information is PC only atm. I don’t know yet how it is for macs.

What’s the issue ?

In the past weeks, EA has issued three patches (this gotta be a new record). One had information about the next EP and now there are tons of issues, warnings and rumors floating about in the net. Most of us are utterly confused by now.

You read stuff like: Don’t get this new super patch. The 1.3x patches are all bad. Wow that file is ove a gig and only has three fixes ? It’s getting more confusing by the second.

What is really the issue ?

The so called super patches (a super patch, also called full patch or cumulative patch, has all changes from all EPs and Regions. A incremental patch on the other hand has only the changes since the lat patch) of 1.31 through 1.33 have a one thing in common: They do not create a collection for Showtime, in fact, they don’t create a collections folder at all, leaving those who reinstall without any collections. This is an obvious discrepancy but there is no way in telling if there are more.

The main issue lies with the super patch 1.31. That was supposed to have created the new collection which it didn’t. The following super patches don’t add it but they don’t remove them either, if you have them. Therefore super patch 1.33 is safe to use, if you patched incrementally from 1.29 to 1.31

1.32 is a totally different story. More below.

How do I find my game version ?

You’ll find that info here: How to find your game version

How do I know which patch I have ?

This depends heavily on your current state and the way you’ve patched.

Current patch level: 1.29 or below

If you did not patch your game yet and you’re on patch 1.29 or below, make sure you patch to 1.29 first. This will assure that your collection folder is created. You can use the 1.29 super patch for that. Don’t patch through the launcher and don’t use the manual super patch for any of the 1.3x versions. If you are at patch level 1.29, get the incremental patch to 1.31 to make sure the showtime collection is created. After that you can either use the manual patch to 1.33 or use the launcher.

Current patch level: 1.31

Here, it all depends how you patched.

Through the launcher from 1.29 or manual incremental patch

You have no issues. You should have the Showtime collection and you are all set.

Through the launcher from 1.26 or below or manual super patch

The Launcher is using the super patch if you are below 1.29 sinc there are no incremental patches anymore. The same is true if you reinstalled your game. You don’t have the Showtime collection. If you have reinstalled or were below 1.26, you have probably no collections at all.

From the Showtime DVD

On the Showtime DVD there’s only the super patch.  You don’t have the Showtime collection.

Current patch level: 1.32

In this case, the launcher will offer you the super patch to 1.33 (there is no incremental patch for 1.32 to 1.33). This patch is over 1 GB big.

If you are at patch level 1.32 it’s important how you patched to 1.31 (see above).

If you installed the 1.32 super patch which EA pulled, you will also have werewolf sliders and Rainbow skins in your game. Patch 1.33 will automatically rid you of those. If you want to keep them, dont’ patch till the next EP comes along.

Current patch level 1.33

You are at the current patch level. It’s important how you patched to 1.31 so please see the scenarios there.

How do I find out if I have the collections ?

The easiest way is to go into the game and check the collections. You should have a premade collection for every EP and some extra. If you reinstalled or patched from below 1.26 it’s possible that you don’t have any at all.

On the file system, those are found in  [user data directory]\Collections\User. If you didn’t add any extra yourself, you should have 2×17 files in this folder.

Additionally you should have a folder [Installatio directory]\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Collections\ with 17 files.

The ST collection file is called: coll_0x0b32004610a7a350.package

What about my user made collections

They should be save but make sure to make a backup of those anyways so you can re-add should they get lost.

Are there any other issues ?

There’s no info on that as of yet but there may be.

What can I do ?

If you have the showtime collection, you’re good to go.

If you don’t have it, it’s up to you if you want to reinstall or not (base game should do).

You should reinstall in the following cases

  • You want that Showtime Collection
  • Your game is instable and full of bugs.
  • You used the 1.32 super patcher and want to be extra sure that all the extra content is gone.

Follow those steps to reinstall

Why all these patches in this short time ?

With patch 1.31 there was a huge hole which would let Custom Content through. EA has promised us multiple time that we won’t get Custom Content through SimPort and yet there we are. A new patch had to be issued as soon as possible to correct this problem. The answer was patch 1.32 which solves the CC issue but it was thrown at us way to fast.

The super patch was not tested and code from the next EP was left in there so they pulled the super patch and needed to make a new one.

According to the patch notes, they fixed some stability problems. Don’t expect this patch to have any bug fixes. None of the files modder use were changed.

What about my mods ?

Since neither 1.32 nor 1.33 change anything about the files used for tuning mods, mods for 1.31 can still be used with 1.33. The same goes for twallan’s scripting mods. Core Mods need an update.

At this point, it’s unclear if CAS Mods need updating and if custom skins and sliders work as intended. Use them with caution until more info is available.

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