SimPort, sending Sims and Custom Content

Update 03/09/2012

EA has put out another patch which seems to solve the issue. Patch 1.32 does not leave Sims in your SavedSims or Downloads folder. I consider fixed for the moment but I will change should I read something else.

If Sims are no longer installed in our games there’s no reason to believe we get Custom Content. EA reacted very fast to this issue and I’m pleased with them.


Since they introduced SimPort, I have new CC in my game. EA promised there wouldn’t be any. What happened ?


Sharing via SimPort seems to work like this: The game exports your Sim, leaving a copy of it in your Export folder, the person that then accepts the Sim downloads it in their game. A copy of it is saved to the downloads folder as well as the SavedSims folder (aka Sim is now installed in your game).

Uploading/Downloading the Sim seems to strip it of all Custom Content that comes with it but not the ones that are directly attached to the Sims itself. This is mostly hair, shoes, accessory and make-up but also Skins and the famous apron come this way.

Looking at SimPort Sims in Custard reveals that he is indeed stripped of all Sims3Pack-CC it came with, EA even strips the thumbnails but CC on the Sim, not so much


Tell your friends to NOT use any kind of CC on the Sims they want to share with you. They might have save cc but then again, they may not.

If you already have the stuff in your game. delete the SimPort-Sim from the Library/SavedSim folder as well as the Downloads folder after you successfully hosted the show.

Further Reading

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