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Mystery Bag Items

When buying Simpoint Bundles in the EA Store, you get a mystery item for free. Trouble is, since they are a mystery, you have no clue what you get.

maria_loves_alex over at the official forums has started a thread to collect information, what you will get with what bundle. This info might contain errors at this point.

The bundles listed are always the minimum bundle you need to get. You can get those items with higher bundles as well. To ensure you get the most items without having to buy way to many points, buy the cheaper bundles first and work your way up.

After you bought all bundles for a certain bundle, all you will get is a badge


Commanding Shoji Screen Giant Bonsai Tree

1,000 point bundle

The Unabominable Krustallos of Seljaq-Ghazhadid The Sword in the Chair Ovalisque Dining Chair
The Fortress of Shared Dreams Libri Fo Fibri Marble Bookshelf Bruno d Infanto – Honor Vengeance Edition
Warehouse Crate

2,040 point bundle

Peguestrian Springstone Statue In Room Dinning Chair Battle Hymn Low Table
Banquett Fan Barrelcraft Food Table Bar + Bolt Meal chair

5,000 point bundle

Double Wiccenculta Bed Wiccenculta Sofa No So Mini Bar Stool
No So Mini Bar Granite Magus of the Vociferation Aarbyville Dragon Table
Wiccenculata low table with runner Badge-Shield of the Defeated Elayet of Pöwnsburg

6500 point bundle (Katy Perry) –> Not available anymore

Ice Cream Cone Throne Sentimental Saccharine Surface Luscious Lolli-Swirl Rug
Silly Sweet Wall Treat Soft Serve Sugary Sweet Bush Sweet Confection Reflections Mirror

10,600 point bundle

Reflection Tuff Stuff Dining Table Spring of Youth
Sassy Fusion Table Lamp Fortress of Lonely Dreams Lord LionBowel Feasting Slab
Bar & Bolt Supper Table

24,360 point bundle

Faire Statue Attack of the Braaainzzz Arcade machine Hi-yo Candy Mountain Rangers Away Arcade machine
Military Unyielding Sofa with Laconia Design Single Wiccenculta Bed Unmercifal Davenport of the Destroyer with Gold Accents