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New Feature – Featured Sets

What’s it about

Patch 1.36 brings us a new Store-Set Feature. What looks like more ingame store advertisement at first glance is actually a nifty new feature – a collection folder for your Store Sets.

Ingame Store enabled

If you play your game with the Ingame Store enabled, the new feature hast two purposes

  1. Advertisement for Store Sets which you can buy directly in game. According to EA they will have sets on sale here that are not on sale on the page.
  2. Store Sets you own as collections (see below)

Ingame Store disabled

If you play with the Ingame Store disabled, the feature can be used als Store-Set-Collection folder

If you choose Sort by Room, you’ll see all the sets you own in certain categories. You then have all the items that belong to this set ready at hand to use in your game.

Categories for which you do not own any sets don’t have the symbol showing.

What counts as a Set ?

The Sets only show up, if you installed the actual set itself. If you have all single items of a set – that’s not a set and neither are Sub or Supersets. As a rule of thumb: If you have the set picture in your launcher, it will also show up as set in the room categories. If not, it won’t

How do I get rid of the feature ?

To completely rid you of the feature, install the set in the launcher. Leave the single items but uninstall the set itself. This will rid you of the icons.

Only issue I see with this method is that the launcher does not like uninstalling too much. You can run into file corruption issues if you uninstall too much.