In Preperation for Supernatural

Supernatural is out now. Since we got the patch early there is no need to do the whole Mods thing again. Updated for patch 1.38 means updated for the EP.  Backing up your stuff is always a good idea though!

The Patch

As every Expansion pack, supernatural will come with a patch (why oh why did I not check the game version at the Gamescom ?).

The Patch 1.38 is already available for download.

Which changes are coming with the patch, is not clear yet but my assumptions are:

  • Population Control
  • Collection Journal
  • More Ingame Store Ads
  • New items in BuyDebug (toys)
  • Vampires editable in CAS via Cheat
  • Set celebritiy points/level via Cheat
  • Send gifts to friends
  • Sliders and skin tones
  • Bug Fixes (hopefully)

For this patch all tips stay the same. Make sure to remove all your mods and restore any original files you might have changed.

If you plan to buy the DVD Version of the game, the patch will be on there. Use that so you don’t have to rely on the EA Servers. There might be another patch come though. So check if you are up-to-date after you’ve installed the game from the DVD.

People concerned about their mods, wait until your favorite modder has updated. Twallan is usually very fast. Remember: ALL Core Mods and probably a lot of script and tuning mods need updating.

Collecting Bugs

Bug-Thread in the official Forum is here: Supernatural Bug Thread and I will once again do my best to help everyone.

Remember, you will never need to buy a EP to fix a bug. If the patch doesn’t fix the bug, the EP won’t either.

I’m allowing comments here until the game is out. If you have questions about any of the preparations steps, feel free to ask here or in the bug thread.

Have fun, everyone!



  • Occultine

    Thanks for the short list of changes ! Do you know if there is a solution for recent custom content in .sims3pack not working normally (disappearing on the sim), after updating to 1.38 ? (hair, shoes, accessories)
    If yes, you are my savior ! 😉