How to redeem the limited edition content

How to I get my limited edition content

The limited edition content needs to be redeemed separately at the Sim 3 Store.

How to redeem

  1. DVD Version: Register your game here: https://www.thesims3.com/registeragame.html. Download Version: You’re game is autoregistered. Nothing to do
  2. Download Version: You should have gotten an email with a code to redeem your content. You might need to register the game first for the email to be sent do you. Make sure you check your Spam folder DVD Version: There should be an extra leaflet inside the box with your limited edition code on it
  3. Go to the redeem page (links see below) and enter the code
  4. Go to your Purchase History and download the content to your launcher
  5. Install the content in your launcher

Code does not work

If you’re codes don’t work, make sure you put them in right. 0 and O and 2 and Z look almost the same. Also make sure you put the right code on the right page. If they still don’t work, you will need to contact Customer Support They can be found here: https://help.ea.com/contact-us You have the option to contact them by mail, phone or Live Chat. Make sure you have a game, a category and a platform selected for the options to become available. For Live Chat, make sure to choose US as your country.

Redeem Links

Into the Future

Island Paradise

University Life


If you did not get your code yet, you should get it soon. If not, contact Customer Support




Check your purchase history (after registering the game) if you can find it there. If not, contact Customer Support.