Mood Lamp – A source for Issues


  • My Sim does not have the option to Try for Baby. They do have a Woohoo Option but try for baby is missing.
  • My Sim can’t travel. The option is gray
  • My Sim does not age up. Cake does not work and they won’t age automatically either.
  • My Sim can’t change his appearance.
  • I can’t save my Sim to the library
  • The mood lamp made my Sim have a different color but it never goes away.


All this issue has one reason: The Sim has a moodlet from the mood lamp and because of this they are not allowed to do all these things.

While it seems on purpose that you can’t do these things, the problem is, that the moodlet has a tendency to get stuck.


  • Go back to the room with the mood lamp and turn it off (does not always work)
  • Remove the moodlet with a cheat (difficult for inactives)
Rhoxi and others

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