Spoiled food and decreasing of quality


  • Food in my fridge spoils as soon as I take it out.
  • My perfect food has gone back to normal quality.


  • The Restoration Ritual Spell, which cleans up your house, puts the quality of each meal in fridges to normal and spoil soon after even if you use the best fridge available.
  • Patching to 1.38 made all existing food spoil.


  • Put all food from the fridge in inventories or on counters before casting the spell.. Putting the whole fridge in the family inventory does not work cause it’s the fridge that spoils the food.
  • Clean up any spoiled food and cook new ones.

Mods that help with the issue

  • Unfortunately, witches cast the spell autonomously so that it’s hard to control. Use bluegenjutsu’s No Autonomous Cast Restoration Spell  to prevent autonomous casting. (free registration at SimsAsylum necessary).