Mailbox doesn’t work


  • My Sim has mail but when he tries to get the mail/bills out of the mailbox, he’s reset and I can’t find anything new in his inventory
  • My Sim has mail but in his inventory, there’s only stuck omni-plants and bills
  • My Sim does not receive any bills anymore


With the new attraction system, Sims get new gifts and love letters almost every day. If there’s a gift in the mailbox from  a Sim that no longer exists in the world, your Sim will be reset and the content stays inside the mail box.

Wedding gifts and other gifts cause the same issue.

Sometimes the gift/letter you got will get transfered to your inventory but in form of a placeholder – an omni-plant for gifts and a bill for letter.

Sims can leave your town for the following reasons

  • They move away
  • They were deleted manually or through a mod (especially for homeless sims and ServiceNPCs)
  • Sim went missing
  • Dead Sims are only an issue if their tombstone was removed from the world


It’s nor really a solution but make sure to check your mailbox everyday to reduce the chances to get an invalid gift.

Mods that helps with the issue

  • Overwatch oder ErrorTrap help to get missing Sims back. This won’t help if the Sim got deleted or moved away
  • Overwatch replaces the interaction Get Mail with one that works
  • Use MasterController to move stuck items back to the mail box or gift someone else with them.
  • DebugEnabler helps to delete stuck items.
  • DebugEnabler gives the mailbox an option View Inventory. With this you can view the content of the mailbox and transfer to stuff to your inventory.
  •  No Attraction Calls For Dates and Mailbox Gifts gets rid of the attraction system gifts

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