Sim can’t use Online Dating System


  • My Sim can’t check his messages. He’s reset
  • My Sim can’t check the online profiles of other Sims. He’s reset


The Sim resets, if you have a message/profile of a Sim that no longer exists in your town

Sims can leave your town for the following reasons

  • They move away
  • They were deleted manually or through a mod (especially for homeless sims and ServiceNPCs)
  • Sim went missing
  • Dead Sims are only an issue if their tombstone was removed from the world


Delete your Sims online profile and create a new one. This removes all invalid messages/profiles

Mod that help with the issue

  • Overwatch oder ErrorTrap help to get missing Sims back. This won’t help if the Sim got deleted or moved away

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