Incompatible Mods

No Class schedule


My Sim has no class schedule



Unclear at this point but probably caused by having a mod in when first starting the game after installing University

How to prevent

Remove all mods before you install University. It’s yet unknown which mod it is (or if it’s multiple) but it’s probably the StoreFixes (not the official Store Updates but the inofficial ones that fix premium content issues)


If you already have the problem try the following

  1. Close the game and the launcher
  2. Rename your user folder (don’t bother with taking mods folder out and what not, rename the whole folder in documents\electronicarts\thesims3)
  3. Start a new game and try if you still have the error. If you do, please post here: No class schedule and answer the questions by SimGuruConnicus on page 3. Make sure you include the info which mods you use(d)
  4. If you got rid of the issue, put the Saves Folder from your renamed user folder into the new one (make a copy, not move so you still have a backup) and start your old game.
  5. Check if you have it works now. If it doesn’t, that Sim is probably not going to be able to attend University (at least not in that term). If it is, you can put your stuff from the other folders back. Start with DCCache, ccmerged.package from the DCBackup folder, worlds, library, savedSims and Downloads as well as the userpreset.package and the options.ini file.
  6. Unless you want to test which mod it is, only put back hair, clothing and stuff but no mods for the moment.
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