Sim can’t return home from University


Sims either can’t go to the graduation in properly in the first place or that they don’t return home afterwards and don’t get their extra trait either


  • Sims don’t make it inside the building cause of the queue there
  • Something else is screwing up the process and Sims just stay in the Uni world without an option to go back home


I don’t have enough info at this point to make a proper post but I think it’s safe to say we can rule out mods.

If you want to contribute to finding a solution and find more details, please refer to this post at the official forum: [Error Analysis] Sim can’t return home after Graduation. I’ll try to keep the first post updated so all info will be there for the moment


  • Do not invite anyone to your graduation. Seems that only causes issues and they don’t show up half of the time anyways.
  • Make sure to get to the Anex early so that your Sim is the first to enter the building.


  • Try to drop out of University via the phone
  • Save your family via Edit town to the library (for sorority/fraternity/dorms switch the lot type to residential lot first) and place them in a new game.

Mods that help with the issue

Sims that remain in the Uni town are homeles most of the time and therefore as good as unplayable. Fortunately, Twallan has fixed this issue already.

What do to

  • You need: Traveler, V59 or higher and MasterController V110 and higher
  • Load your defective game
  • The household is now assigned to a lot automatically
  • Click on the roof of the house the Sim now lives in and choose NRaas\MasterController\Reset Lot (if your Sim is now invisible, ignore)
  • Save your game under a different name
  • Load the main menu
  • Load the newly created savegame
  • Now all Sims should be visible and can go home. Choose drop out on the phone to leave Uni
  • Since the game does not know who was in your household in the first place, it can happen that you have new Sims in your household now that weren’t there before.
  • To delete those choose NRaas\MasterController\Advanced\Total Annilihation to delete them from the game.

For the long lines in front of the Anex, use one of the Route Fix Mods by TFM

Twallan, HollyBob6, BrittanyCurry

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