Sim learn skills insanely fast


My Sim only just started learning a new skill and has already maxed it out within a day.


The cause of this is a change EA had to make in the skill manager because of the new protest system. Protest can add a Increased Understanding moodlet to your Sim and while you have this, they learn faster.

To make sure this skill gain is retained when you save and reload your game, EA had make a change in the skill manager and … messed up. They changed a field that is responsible for the skill gaining when your Sim has a high mod. This skill gain is now also saved with your game and will never go away.

You don’t need University Life for this bug, it can also happen if you simply updated to Patch 1.50



Mods that help with the issue

  • Use Advanced \ Reset Sim on  MasterController V110 and newer (This is only temporary. You will have the skill gain back next time you load the game.)
  • Overwatch V92 and newer corrects this issue automatically during the cleanup operation.

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