Sim not arriving at University


  • My sim doesn’t arrive at the University. All I get is the option to edit town. My Sim is not there. EmptyUni
  • The loading screen just stops at 99%


There are several causes for this just like the WA world not loading. They vary from corrupted family trees to corrupted NPC sims at the Uni world. One identified cause is that if you invite a Sim from Uni to graduation, they will duplicate in your relationship panel, corrupting your Sim. While he might make it back home, he will never be able to go back to Uni. Traveler V55 and older can also cause issues but those are a bit different. Make sure to update the mod


Don’t invite anyone to your graduation party


  • Check your family trees. If one doesn’t load, Uni won’t work. You can try to kill the Sim with the corrupted tree

Mods that help with the issue

  • Traveler V56 and newer seem to fix most of the problems occurring.
  • Overwatch and¬†ErrorTrap might also help by cleaning corruption

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