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Ingame Store


The ingame store is a feature which lets you buy Store content from within the game. Since patch 1.29 you also get special deals directly inside the Build and Buy mode as well as in CAS


To be able to use the ingame store, you need to turn it on first.


You can set the ingame store in two ways. You can either check the option Enable Shop Mode in the options in game


or you can turn it on/off in the options:

  • Open the file [user data directory]\Options.ini with notepad (or any other editor)
  • Search for the following line: enableingamestore = and put 0 to turn the ingame store off and 1 to turn it on.
  • Save the file
  • Start the game

Ingame Store

To enter the ingame shop, either click F4 or click on the symboly with the shopping bag.

In the appearing window, you can navigate the store like you would on the webpage. You need  to login to buy or download your stuff

To see what you own and what you have installed ingame, you can click on purchase history or start the Dashboard by clicking on the button in the upper right corner. You can download the stuff you own directly to your game.

Picture: Simkobold

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