Last week I was taking part in a giveaway EA is holding on the official forums and on twitter/facebook. Each day they give out some goodie bags.

On friday we had to post a picture of our Sims relaxing. Even though I didn’t feel like turning on my computer at night, I didn’t wanna pass on a chance to win something and I was rewarded. I was among the winners.

Today, a mere 3 day later (with a weekend in between) I get my package. That was really fast, especially considering it had to cross the ocean.

I do wanna share with you guys what I got

  • The Sims Metal Water Bottle
  • The Sims Mobile Phone Accesory (Sims 2)
  • Sunset Valley Landgraab Industries Science Facility T-Shirt
  • The Sims Notebook
  • The Sims 2 Pets Frisbee

Thank you very much. I love merchandise so I very much enjoy this stuff. You have made my day.