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Humble Origin Bundle Code Issue

Update 08/16/2013

Players that have received a 16 digit code, should now get a 20 digit one by email.

Note that these codes are now redeemed at

Details can be found here: [IMPORTANT] The Sims 3 Humble Bundle – SOLUTION. 16-08-2013

Humble Bundle is currently holding a sale where you can get many Origin games for an amount of money YOU choose to spend. The money is going to a good cause.

Unfortunately there seems a mix up with the Origin Code. The codes are only 16 digits instead of 20 digits. EA is aware of the issue and working on a solution. For updates, please check this: Why can’t I redeem my code for The Sims 3 Starter Kit?

Instructions and explanations can be found here: How do I redeem my Humble Origin Bundle code for the Sims? What if that did not work? 16-digits code vs 20-digits code.

Please do not make another thread at the AnswerHQ or in the Sims 3 forum. EA is working on it and no one will be able to assist you at this time.