Time Almanac is no longer working


I can’t click on my time almanac anymore. Nothing happens.


This error happens as soon as the current record holder of a Statue gets deleted from the game or when your Sim becomes the record holder

There’s several reasons why a Sim is no longer present in town.

  • Sim moved away
  • Sim was deleted by a mod (especially homeless and service sims.)
  • Missing Sims
  • Dead Sims are only an issue if the tomb stone was removed as well.

Register V73 and lower as well as Overwatch V105 and lower will accelerate the issue. Don’t use


Switch active families and then back. The Almanac should then work again but you will loose all wishes/opportunities and also your current descendants.

Mods that help with the issue

  • Overwatch V106 or higher corrects the issue. Be warned that lower versions will actually cause the issue right away (as soon as homeless Sims are removed).
Twallan, julienrob2004

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