The End of modding for Twallan

Breaking News

Twallan has announced today on his State of the Mod that he will no longer be modding for Sims 3 and since he has announced a while ago that he won’t be modding for Sims 4, this means the end of mods from Twallan.

This means that there will be no more Support from Twallan directly and no more updates to his mods.

New Info

  • Seems the patch is confirmed.
  • There’s already a few people trying to figure out how the mods work to be able to give us updates. I’ll inform once the patch is actually available.

What does that mean to for the game ?

As long as EA does not decide to give us a patch, this means not much. There’s still a few problems that Twallan did not get a chance to correct but other than that, you can continue to use them. I didn’t follow the current Status to much so I can’t tell you where the problems lie

Should EA decide to give us another patch, there’s no way of telling what will run and what will not. Everyone will be doing so at their own risk cause twallan won’t be checking for us, if hey are fine. ErrorTrap will most definitely not run, since it’s a core mod and the version will need to match. So it will most probably be a choice between the patch and the mods. Turn off automatic updates right now, if you do not want to quit the mods.

Twallan did make his source code publicly available so there are chances that someone is willing to continue his work, but we have to wait and see on that.

What does this mean for my solutions that involve mods ?

Well, it means, I’ll be dreading a new patch since I will probably need to update every single post that involves a solution with his mods. There’s no way of telling if they still run and if they don’t, the solution would be fatal.

Have to wait and see on this too.

Expression of thanks

I want to express my deep gratitude towards Twallan. He has saved my games more than once I and would have stopped playing a long time ago. Exactly when my towns started dying and Indie Stone was no longer being continued.

I’ve followed Twallan from MATY to CrazyTown, from that other site I forgot the name to his own server hosted by theISZ until he finally made the Wiki. I’ve been testing his mods in the very beginning and doing translations and it was a fun time. I will miss him and his mods greatly but I do understand where he’s coming from.

I wish Twallan all the best.

I’m leaving comments open on this post in case you want to say something on the matter.