Bridgeport has quite a few issues and if you use the Late Night features in other towns, these problems can also occur there.

Non-reachable routable areas

Bridgeport has two almost unreachable areas that are marked as routable terrain for Sims. Since it’s almost impossible to get there, Sims try over and over to get there. Some even success but then get stuck there cause they can’t get back.

Film career audition bug

A bug in the game causes NPCs to be drawn to community lots if a active Sim has an audition there. They are still drawn to it long after the Sim has gone home. Because of this there’s large crowds gathering on those lots.

Taxis and temporary cars

Bridgeport is dominated by taxis and limousines. With this and all the temporary cars that aren’t deleted and accumulate in inventories and parking spaces, any computer system is soon in overload


Elevators are a big issue. They need a certain amount of time until they start moving which leads to Sims leaving the venues right away. On top of that, there’s invisible objects and Sims stuck inside the elevator shafts which makes the elevators not work anymore.


  • Missing NPC Sims
    They are stuck in the mountains or try forever to find their way there.
  • Lags
    With all the stuck Sims and overload on cars, the game starts to lag heavily.
  • Empty Clubs
    Since many Sims are occupied in other ways, there’s no Sims inside the clubs.

Mods that help with the issues

  • Overwatch helps to get rid of no longer used car. It should also help with the gathering issue and stuck elevators.
  • Bridgeport.world with Routing Fixes applied by ellacharmed
  • Stuck sims can be reset
  • No Limos by nonamena removes the limousines
  • Traffic helps with the taxis
  • Elevators can be reset with DebugEnablers¬†(NRaas –> DebugEnabler –> Option –> Objects –>Force Reset or by resetting the lot.

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