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EA Venues

This list contains all EA Store venues as well as links to the festival lots, including Name and package-file

EA Store Venues

Lot Name Name in Game Name Package File
LN Dive bar 1 0xc4d55ffeb33f72a84875b4039b9db848.package
LN Dance Club 2 0x70038a13ea0e4ca64c0725ef67fa297e.package
Olympian Physique Gym 1 0xade9966dfc5c389e42bed7331c71d8d2.package
Gothique Library 2 0x713dffa786a5319f4b8b84b57e59c521.package
Regency Arcade 3 0xe89060ecc1b8ee9542b5d773423a28a6.package
Graham’s Pet Shop 4 0x406012129fa042eb8d8bf6f9684e9da1.package
Ultimate Venue 5 0xd4db0bc0ea333abb4f3ae48794897410.package
Serenity Retreat 6 0x179cd0fab9822c9348e8fb8d5855dc04.package
The Lucky Simoleon Casino 7 0x1daa41b84d333ba7494cccbce03fb921.package
Eis-Lounge 10 0x6fce0584004fab814487649f493f7988.package
Stones Throw Greenhouse Stones Throw Greenhouse Old Version: 0x1fb7de4524221a8d44b834e4f784c63b.package New Version: 0x7249cf1350b386854d4e31bdb86fc170.package
Al Fresco Street Market Al Fresco Street Market 0xb5e4284bcc1f02b94946abd9e2f6fec7.package
Tiny Prodigies Early Learning Center Tiny Prodigies Early Learning Center 0x8bc812857bd2d1ba48cbc1129942baad.package
Le Cinema Plumbob Le Cinema Plumbob 0xc7f2865ba9f57cbd49b361656147bed9.package
 The Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire The Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire 0x6345a2f419569dba420d2c4771da4105.package
Skylight Studio for the Performing Arts Skylight Studio for the Performing Arts 0x9e76e9083db1009647903d06be9e973a.package
Business as Usual Bistroi Business as Usual Bistro 0xbe4b3e6a8bb42fb942dbb75406bc5d00.package
The Golden Ticket Toy Shop The Golden Ticket Toy Shopt 0xc5eaacd9b6e30fb9448b85be8065bd2c.package
Grim’s Ghastly Manor Grim’s Ghastly Manor 0xad8c8ab1db88fbaf4cb1553748915e50.package
Grandpa’s Grove Grandpa’s Grove 0x58f0e4661f5d13b340b06b8b910efaff.package
The Boardwalk The Boardwalk  0xc8c28619f3215ca14c6419c98e17e6fa.package
Prism Art Studio Prism Art Studio 0xab0bc405fbc214ae4c44b52d92bca2bc.package

EA Festival Lots

Venue Name Name Package File
Aurora Skies Festival Lot 0x2dca330b3bb0de9b4b4dd3015d21d637.package
Dragon Valley Festival Lot 0xe11fe807eed2cc9e4d5b2f01d35e68a5.package
Midnight Hollow Summer Festival 0x8d53e630fb04dbb642f6a16f6c61ebbf.package
Monte Vista Festival Grounds  0x270c417e71d81d82463f717318f3f554.package
Roaring Heights Festival Lot  0xa8909a6d3847d68f44a3224a859efc4b.package