Getting Married/Steady Relationship not possible


Despite of everything I’ve tried, my Sim can’t get into a steady relationship or get married.


Try this first Option Steady Relationship does not appear. This could also be a cause Sim can’t marry, if you can’t marry although you’re in a steady relationship

If this does not help, you probably got hit by the bug that’s around since World Adventures came out. Relationships are not cleaned out properly which leads to the game thinking your Sim is already married or in a steady relationship when they’re not.

This happens if your Sim had a prior relationship that he broke up (or if the partner died). It’s especially bad if you had a relationship at University.


Without mods, there are no real solutions to this. Sims that have the trait hopeless romantic seem to be less affected by the bug though and because of this, it can help to give your Sim said trait.

Some also still have the option to break up with their old partners and after that, it works again.

If you want to marry a ServiceNPC, you should move them in first and then marry.

Mods that help with the issue

  • Overwatch has an option to Clean up Genealogy which solves the issue
  • Awesome Mod