How to sign up on


Signing up on is optional but it’s not possible to login from within the game or to use any of the features on the website (Store, Exchange, forums, etc) if you don’t

You only need to sign up once and you can only register your games to one account.

Some pictures in this article are in German. It was not always possible to take them in both languages


As with the Installation, signing up depends on when you bought the base game

Base Game on DVD before Origin

The old base game version needs to be added manually to To do this, you’ll need to make an account on You can either choose make a new Origin Account by using a new email address or use one you already have.

If you choose an new email address, an associated Origin account is automatically created with it. Those are then connected and share the same password. If you choose a existing account, the steps are the same as described below for the new base game version.

Once you have an account, you can register the game on it. You can do this through Origin or Register a game on You only need to do this if you haven’t previously registered the game to Origin already. The game will then appear in myGames on the Origin client and as registered on your myPage on

If you already made an account before Origin came out, you also have an Origin account and the games are registered to them. There’s nothing you need to do.

Base game on DVD before Origin and Digital Downlaod

If you bought the game on DVD, you could in theory first register your game and then install the DVD. I do recommend to go the opposite way and to install the game first and then open an account on

To install your game, follow instructions here: Installing Base Game from DVD or here: Installing through Origin

After you’ve installed the game, go to your Origin account and check if no Sims 3 account is associated with it yet. If you already have an associated account, then you’re done here. You have an account and your game is registered. Do check your myPage and your myGames on the Origin Client if everything is showing up properly.

If your don’t have any game specific identities, follow these steps (you can also sign up through the launcher but I recommend doing it through the website):

  • Go to : and enter the same email address you’ve used on Origin.
  • Change the same user name as you did on Origin or choose a completely different one (be aware that you won’t be able to change it), fill out your gender and accept the TOS.
  • Click on SIGN UP
  • The Succes Message will say that you have now partial access to the community and that you need to register the game to have full access. This is not necessary. The game will register to your account automatically since you already have it on Origin.
  • Go to  your myPage to get your free Simpoints. If everything went smoothly, you should now see a link below your Avatar. On top of that it will tell you that you’ve registered the sims 3. It’s possible that the icon isn’t showing yet though. That can take up to 2-3 hours. Maybe you also need to log out and back in.
  • You have now full access to the community
  • Your Origin account will now show your accounts as connected

Expansion Packs on DVD

In most cases, an Origin and a account with at least the base game on it already exists when you buy an expansion pack

You can now simply register your expansion pack on your account then the addons do not care about Origin. You can either register them through Origin or Sregister a game on The expansion pack will then automatically be added to your myGames on the Origin client or on your myPage on

Expansion pack with Origin Digital Download

If you buy an expansion pack on Origin, there’s nothing else you must do. The game will automatically appear on your myPage (if your accounts are connected).

Known Issues

There are a few known issues on registering the game.

No or not enough Simpoints

Only the base game and world adventure give you Simpoints each.

You should get this amount

  • The old Sims 3 Base game: 1’000 Simpoints
  • The new Sims 3: 500 Simpoints
  • World Adventures: 1’000 Simpoints

There’s an issue with the Email Template and it will say you get 1’000 Simpoints for the base game. Contact a game advisor to get it sorted.

Contact customer support if you didn’t get those and you don’t see a link beneath your avatar on (see above).

Endless loop on trying to register

See here: Registering on Sims 3 Page not working. Also make sure you have cookies enabled on your browser (Safari or IE if you try through the launcher)

Icons are not highlighted

Wait 1-2 hours and log out and back in. If  they still don’t show, contact customer support.

Invalid or used Serial codes

See here: Invalid or used Serial codes

Exchange-Download asks for Serial code

Try a different browser or clear your browser cache. Do make sure that the game shows as registered on your myPage

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