Issues with Steady Gigs


  • I can’t cancel my steady gigs
  • I don’t get a message or map tag for a steady gig that is supposed to take place
  • My Sim is supposed to have a steady gig but I can’t get an option to set up the stage.


The main reason for all kinds of issues with the steady gigs are the proprietors that change all the time. A steady gig is not bound to a venue but to a proprietor. Because of this the entry for the steady gig is not disappearing from your  list but it’s not valid either.

Another cause is a pregnancy. If you’re Sim gets pregnant, it messes up the steady gigs system.

There could be other reasons and in my opinion not valid steady gigs can mess up your save game.


It’s not possible to not accept steady gigs. They are forced upon you. What you can do is cancel them as soon as you get them. Either click on the proprietor or choose the option on the phone under Jobs & Careers – <name of the career>


Sims that have invalid steady gigs have troubles using their phones or interact with themselves or other Sims.


I have not found a solution to get rid of the steady gigs without using a mod

Mods that help with the issue

  • Overwatch V56 and higher cleans out faulty steady gigs.
  • ErrorTrap helps if you can’t cancel a steady gig. Once you try to cancel the gig, you’ll get an error but if you try again, you’ll be able to cancel the gig permanently
  • DebugEnabler has the option to schedule a new single gig on the lot. To do so,select active Sim, click on the ground of the venue and choose NRaas – DebugEnabler –> Options-> DEBUG:Schedule Gig tonight
  • DebugEnabler has the option to clear active jobs. To do so, click on your sim and choose NRaas – DebugEnabler –> Options: Smart Phone-> Occupation–> Clear All Active Jobs
J4Ks, C.Dark