Lags in Islo Paradiso


The world that comes with Island Paradise, Islo Paradiso, is very laggy. I don’t have as many issues in any other world.


Islo Paradiso is probably the biggest world from EA and is very heavy on the performance. The world is big and on top of that, it has a whole routable ocean where every bit is accessible. On top of that the world has many routing issues and other problems that can lead to lags on the most high-end PCs.


Next to the general tips you can find here: Lags & Intermittent Freezes, there are a few extra things you can try:

  • Delete the Scott Family (premade, lives on a house boat) from your game
  • Use the cheat DiscoverAllUnchartedIslands to make all Islands visible. I am aware that this takes away from the world but it has helped a lot of people
  • Make sure you don’t have any stuck Sims (use resetsim * to reset all your Sims and animals)
  • Search the ocean for abandoned boats and delete them through testingcheatsenabled true –> Shift-Klick an the boat –> Object-Delete
  • Routing Issues in the Resort Hobart’s Hideout

Mods that help with the issue

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