Sims 3 Base Game Versions


There Sims 3 Base game exists in different variations

Version before September 2012

The older version can be installed without Origin and it’s possible to bypass the launcher. The registration is optional and Origin does not need to be on your computer to work properly.

The ingame store and automatic updates won’t work if you don’t have Origin installed. You need to patch manually. On top of that you will get a message that the launcher can’t connect to Origin. You can click OK on the message and process normally though.

You will get 1’000 free Simpoints with this editions.

This base game has verion 1.0.631

CoverCollector Cover1 Cover2
Collector’s Edition Version 1 Version 2
TheSims3Deluxe PetsPlus ShowtimePlus
Deluxe Version (Sims 3 & Ambitions) Pets Plus (Sims 3 & Pets) Showtime Plus (Sims 3 & Showtime)

I’m not entirely sure if the two PLUS version need Origin or not. It will say so on the box if Internet is needed.

Version after September 2012

The new version needs an Origin account and you need to activate the game through Origin. This means taht you need an active Internet connection (for both digital download and DVD version. You can then play offline but you need to still log into Origin (offline mode)

You do need to have Origin installed and it’s not possible to bypass the launcher.

It seems this version also has issues with EIG (CAW), AnyGameStarter and other tools that rely on bypassing the launcher.

This version is often referred to as The Sims 3 refresh or The Sims 3 Go Social.

You will get 500 free Simpoints with this edition

The base game has Version 1.42.130.

RefreshCover CoverStarterPack CoverTargetEdition
Sims 3 Refresh Sims 3 Starter-Set (Sims 3, Late Night & Highend Loft Stuff Pack) The Sims 3 Target Edition
CoverPlusUL CoverPlusIP
University Life Plus (Sims 3 & University Life Island Paradise Plus (Sims 3 & Island Paradise)