Sim doesn’t go to work


  1. My Sim doesn’t go to work. The command disappears from the queue
  2. Sims go to their work place and then wave and rant about not being able to get in.
  3. My Stylist/Ghost Hunter/Architect can’t accept a job since they can’t reach the client


  1. There are different causes for this error, depending what career you play and where.
    • Corrupt work outfits  prevent your Sim from going to work.
    • Film stars get a random piece of clothing once they reach a certain level which is supposed to represent their role. These outfits are most often corrupted which leads to the interaction being dropped.
    • crinbugfree32x32All rabbit holes (from all worlds) were added to the pool of possible workplaces in Bridgeport. The interaction fails if a Sim has a rabbithole as his work place that doesn’t exist in the game.
      An invisible object is blocking their way.
  2. An invisible Object is blocking their way
  3. There could be different causes but the most common is that the client is stuck somewhere. Elevators, Fences and others barriers can also cause the Sim to not reach their clients. Sometimes the client has moved away by the time you’re done with the task.


  1. There are several things you can try
    • Change your Sim into work clothing before they have to go to work.
    • Edit your Sims work outfit. Delete extra ones you didn’t create. If a Sim only has one outfit, create a new one and then later delete that again. This should trigger the Sim to have the standard outfit again.
    • Click on the correct rabbithole and choose transfer here. If a Sim has a valid work place, he will then go to work. Inactive Sims have the same issue.
  2. Place a new rabbithole or change the type of the lot and change it back.
  3. Try to manually direct your Sim to the client and make sure your Sim isn’t supposed to get an award. If they are, claim that first.

Mods that help with the issue

  • Overwatch solves Problem 1

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