Weird Career-Outfits


  • My Sim is not wearing their Standard Outfit but something random
  • My Sim runs around naked


Seit Patch 1.31 you can add custom career outfits to your Sims

  • Your Sim is assigned a random career outfit instead of the standard one, depending on what your Sim did last before starting a new career (Naked if they took a shower, graduation robe if they just graduated, ..)
  • The lab table adds an extra career outfit to your Sim every time they use it.


  • Add a second career outfit to your Sim and go back to the game. Then enter CAS again and delete said outfit. This should trigger the Standard outfit.
  • Delete all extra career outfits that you did not create yourself and want to keep.
  • Use the cheat unlockOutfits on to unhide the career outfits in CAS.

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