Bad CC

Bugs that are caused by bad cc

  • Bad CC

    Corrupt Thumbnails

    Problem Some people change the thumbnails to present their Sim/house/household better. When they did this, they did something wrong (size for example). Identification in Custard Custard shows such images as Corrupt (not a DBPF). Solution Faulty thumbnails are not a problem if you install your Sim but please, don’t upload those. The Exchange doesn’t like them too much. Further Reading Exchange – All files corrupt

  • Bad CC

    Missing TXTC (blue lots)

    Problem Because of an error in one of the tools to make custom objects, some of them are faulty causing the Blue Lot Issue. Blue lots have been getting scarcer but I do think that those items can crash your game now. Originally only package files were affected by this problem but some people thought it would be great idea to just convert them into Sims3Packs, assuming that would solve the problem. Well, it didn’t. What it did do is that now some of this files are floating around as Sims3Packs. Most of the original faulty package files are long…

  • Bad CC

    Downloads that are attached to Sims directly

    Problem This problem is getting wider and wider spread since LN came out. The extra CC does not come as a extra package-file that can be removed with Custard and that shows in your Launcher but it’s ‘glued’ to the Package file of the Sim itself. Custard will show you, if a Sim has a CC like that, but only one such CC will be shown. It’s entirely possible that other CC comes along with those Sims. Downloads that come like this can not be found in your Launcher!  Identification in Custard So far, I’ve seen skins (does not show…

  • Bad CC

    Corrupt (Not a DBPF) / Bad Download / Bad Index

    Problem There is always one package that has a bad index or is a bad download. Asking Delphy about is, that was his answer Basically, I define a “bad download” as “it’s a DBPF but it can’t be read”. Specifically it’s talking about the fact that the index offset points *outside* the bounds of the file. Which obviously is corrupted. This differs from a bad index, which is when the index itself exists, but had bad or invalid compression flags. (Which can be fixed).  Once such an download is encountered, the rest of the package files is completely messed-up. They…