Error messages with solutions and workarounds

  • Graphics

    Device 0 cannot run this title

    Problem I get the following error message: Unable to start game. Device 0 cannot run this title. No supported video graphics card detected. Please check your system hardware.Device 0 cannot run this title no supported video graphics card detected Unable to start game. Device 0 cannot run this title. Your video card does not appear to support at least Shader Model 2. Please upgrade your card. Cause Your graphics drivers are outdated Your graphics card is listed as unsupported in the following file: [installation directory]/Game/Bin/GraphicsCards.sgr. You have to screens connected two your computer. Solutions Upgrade your graphics drivers and check…

  • Error

    I/O device error

    Problem On trying to install the game, I get the following error message: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error Workarounds Something is interfering with the setup installer (AntiVirus, Firewall, Windows Update). Try disabling them. Reinstall Origin Clean out your registry with CCleaner Make sure Windows and .Net are current Clean the disc Use the Digital Download Version from Origin instead of the disc (it’s free if you have the disc) Use the patch download if you get this error on installing a patch Further Reading Another I/O Device Error Question

  • Custom Content,  Error,  Launcher

    Downloaded Sims and Houses can’t be installed

    Problem I’ve downloaded a Sim/House/Household from the exchange but I can’t find it in CAS or in the library Cause There are many Sims out there that cannot be installed through the launcher. They will show as installed but next time you open the launcher, they are uninstalled again. I don’t know why some Sims show this behavior but it’s possible that CC has something to do with it. When a Sim/House/Household is installed through the launcher, a file will be saved to the SavedSims folder (or the library folder in your user data directory. For some reason, this will not…

  • Custom Content,  Error

    Installed Downloads don’t appear ingame

    Problem The Downloads I installed can’t be found anywhere in my game Solution This can have several reasons Sims3pack Files Follow instructions here: Install Sims3Packs Make sure you did not just download but also install them. Make sure the files have not uninstalled themselves again. If a creator has used package files in their creation, you won’t get those automatically. Because of this, the Sim or house you’ve downloaded from the Exchange can look different in your game. Package Files Follow instructions here: Install Package files Subfolders are only recognized if your resource file is set up to support them.…

  • Error,  Origin

    Known Installation Issues

    Below you can find solutions to known issues that can surface when you try to install the game. Invalid Serial code If you bought the game before Origin came out, the serial code displayed in Origin is often wrong. Try the one from your manual instead. Check your number again. Many letters are very similar. 8 and B, 2 and Z, 0, O and D can be mixed up very easily. If the code still does not work, you need to contact customer support. Serial code is already registered If you bought the game used, the pre-owner has most probably…

  • Graphics,  Tutorial

    Getting Sims 3 to recognize your graphics card

    Issue There are two reasons why the game won’t recognize your graphics card properly Your card is too new. The game doesn’t know it exists You have a integrated as well as a dedicated graphics card (Integrated Graphics Vs. Dedicated Video Card) To check if the game recognizes your card, open the file documents\electronicarts\thesims3\DeviceConfig.log or documents\electronicarts\thesims4\Config.log with any text editor. You need to search for this section Important is the Found behind your graphics card. If it says Found: 0, then your card is not properly recognized. Solution If you have a Nvidia Graphics card you can try to start the game…

  • Error

    Download Version asks for DVD

    Problem When I want to start my game, Origin asks me for the disc. I have the download version and do not own a disc. I get the following error message: No disc detected. Please insert the original “Sims3EP11″ CD/DVD” Cause Unclear Solutions Patch your game to 1.63 again using the manual Super Patch. When asked if you want to install that version again, choose yes.

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    DLC Compatibility Alert

    Problem When I try to install a new expansion pack/stuff pack from Origin, I get the following error: DLC Compatibility Alert It seems the base game for this DLC was not installed through Origin. For <name of the EP/SP> to work, you will first need to: Select Uninstall Now below, locate the base game, and follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall it. Download and install the base game through Origin by selecting it in My Games and clicking Download. After that you can download and play <name of the EP/SP> Cause Seems people that have the base game installed through…