• Bugs

    Viewers in front of empty Showtime Stage

    Problem My sims cheer at SimFests but there’s no one on Stage Cause This issue occurs if your town doesn’t have enough Singers, Magicians and acrobats. The game creates them but the StoryProgression mod and Overwatch removes them from the game since they are homeless. The game still does the SimFests, there’s just no one to perform. Solution Make sure that there’s inactives in Showtime careers but this bug doesn’t do anything bad other than looking weird.

  • Bugs

    Missing Time Machine

    Problem My inventor build a time machine but I can’t find it Cause The time machine is in your family inventory. There’s no message about that. Solution Always check your family inventory if you can’t find something. Further Reading Objects disappear from Inventory Stuck Objects & Objects in use

  • Bugs,  Store & Exchange

    Store Premium content not working properly

    Problem The moodlet which should be applied to my Sim using the Premium content is missing The Premium content is missing all Interactions My Sim resets when interacting with the Premium Content. Cause There’s a file called ccmerged.pacakge inside the DCBackup folder which is installed/updated each time you install a premium content via Sims3Pack. This file contains important information about the Premium content. DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE. Unfortunately this file can also become corrupted over time. Conflict with a third-party Store Fix Maybe some trait or skill level prevents the content to work correctly. Solution Do not delete ccmerged.package If…

  • Bugs

    Certain areas seem to be locked to Sims

    Problem My Sim can’t use certain areas anymore. They wave and yell as if something was in the way. I can’t see a thing. My game is full of gray ovals/circles. Cause The game creates a temporary object when Sims (or animals) are interacting with each other. Those are so called SocialJigs and they have the purpose to lock the area during interaction so that others Sims/Animals don’t try to squeeze between interacting Sims. Once the interaction is over, these objects are supposed to get deleted from the game. This doesn’t happen in a lot of cases and some areas…

  • Bugs

    Sim doesn’t go to work

    Problem My Sim doesn’t go to work. The command disappears from the queue Sims go to their work place and then wave and rant about not being able to get in. My Stylist/Ghost Hunter/Architect can’t accept a job since they can’t reach the client Cause There are different causes for this error, depending what career you play and where. Corrupt work outfits  prevent your Sim from going to work. Film stars get a random piece of clothing once they reach a certain level which is supposed to represent their role. These outfits are most often corrupted which leads to the…

  • Bugs

    Sim needs forever to complete a task

    Problem My Sim needs about 1-2 Sim-Hours to complete any interaction. Doesn’t matter if it is changing clothing, go to work or take a shower. Cause This problem is directly related to lags in your game. The slower your game, the longer the Sims need to complete an interaction. The problem most often occurs on Computers with low RAM. Further Reading Sims in Slow Motion Lags & Intermittent Freezes

  • Bugs

    Sim wakes up because of other Sim (loud object)

    Problem Every time my goes to bed, all other Sims already sleeping wake up. Sims in the same room with this Sim have the enjoying music moodlet and can’t sleep because of a loud object. Cause Sims that prevent others from sleeping are most often in a band. The game thinks they’re still playing music. Solution Let the Sim sleep in another room Give the Sims that have to sleep in the same room the trait Heavy Sleeper Let the Sim play another instrument Reset the Sim Move the Sim out and back in via edit town. Further Reading Sim…

  • Bugs

    Sim leaves school

    Problem My Sim goes to school but is then reset to next to the building. I can send him over and over and over. Happens all the time. Cause Kids and teens that have one parent not living in the neighborhood are affected by this bug if they get an A in school. The kids try to tell their parents about their good grade but since one of the parents doesn’t live in the neighborhood, they can’t. The bug can occur under the following circumstances: One parent lives in a foreign country One parent has moved away One parent died…

  • Bugs

    Delete-Button in CAS does not work

    Problem I have a few downloads in my game I no longer want, so I would like to delete those. Unfortunately the Delete-Button is gray and I can’t delete it. Solution Unfortunately it’s not possible to delete downloads directly from within the game. You will need to uninstall them through the launcher or delete them from your mods folder. See this for details: Remove Sims3Packs. The Delete-Button ingame only works for ingame created content (which would be Recolors, Patterns and Tattoos). Further Reading How to find a certain download in your Launcher

  • Bugs

    Sim can’t use bed

    Problem My Sim won’t sleep in their bed. They stand in front of it and waves as if something was in the way or they’re just teleported away. Cause All Sims that sleep when you install a new patch/add-on are reset from their beds. In some cases this causes the beds to become corrupt. Twallan’s SleepFreedom Mod can corrupt your bed (and Sim) if you don’t uninstall it properly Since Patch 1.22 corrupt sleep outfits and stuck Hover Bed moodlet can cause this. Sims that are in a relationship with another Sims that is currently out of town (Boarding school,…