How to turn on Advanced Rendering

    To turn on advanced rendering, set a check next to Turn on Advanced Rendering in the game options ingame. Another option is to edit the options.ini file in the user data director Open the file in a text editor like NotePad and look for the following line. advancedrendering = To turn on advanced rendering, set the value to 1. This means, if there’s a 0 right now, change it to 1, save the file and you’re done.

  • Graphics

    Distorted Animals

    Problem Pets gives many players distorted animals. Graphic cards that were borderline now don’t work correctly anymore cause the requirements changed. The following issues can occur Distorted Animals with Lines Bulky Eyes Transparent fur  (Shadows) Blocky Fur Non-fluffly fur Without pictures Distorted animals in CAS Temporary Distorted animals when doing certain actions. Cause Depending on the error you’re seeing, the cause is different Distorted Animals with Lines This is due to a borderline or outdated graphic card. Make sure your card is supported (the list is not complete). If you are unsure, wait with spending money on the EP. You can…