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    Sims shower in cloths

    Problem When my sim takes a shower or a bath, they are wearing cloth Cause If the Sims has a certain trait like never nude, they shower with their bathing suit on. A Custom Content creator has categorized the clothing for Naked. Because of this, it can happen that they wear that piece of clothing while showering/bathing The filter for the clothing was deactivated by either using the Cheat Unlock outfits or MasterController. Solution Don’t have the cheat on all the time. Only turn it on if you need it, then turn it back off Uninstall the faulty download If…

  • Bugs

    Animals are teleported to the edge of the map

    Problem I can’t find my animals. After searching for quite some time, I found them on the edge of the map Cause This is a conflict with the store bath tubs (possibly all of them). When animals try to interact with the tub, they are teleported away. Solution Reset the animal and don’t use store tubs for the moment.