• Bugs

    Delete-Button in CAS does not work

    Problem I have a few downloads in my game I no longer want, so I would like to delete those. Unfortunately the Delete-Button is gray and I can’t delete it. Solution Unfortunately it’s not possible to delete downloads directly from within the game. You will need to uninstall them through the launcher or delete them from your mods folder. See this for details: Remove Sims3Packs. The Delete-Button ingame only works for ingame created content (which would be Recolors, Patterns and Tattoos). Further Reading How to find a certain download in your Launcher

  • Error,  Launcher,  Store & Exchange

    Store Content cannot be downloaded

    Problem I click on Download in my browser but nothing happens I get the following error message: There was an error while downloading the content. Please check the log for more details. Cause & Solutions Make sure you use the newest version of Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. The browser needs to have an associated program (which should be Sims3LauncherW.exe) to download. Make sure that your game is updated to the latest patch version Add the following websites as an exception to your Firewall and Antivirus program http://thesims3.com http://store.thesims3.com http://www.thesims3.com http://www.origin.com There are a few IP addresses that can’t access…

  • Error,  Launcher

    Launcher crashes

    Problem I get a cryptic error message and then another saying the launcher isn’t working anymore. Sometimes you can scroll for a while until the message appears. I get the following message: Sims3launcher has stopped working Cause This issue is often cause by a faulty download that didn’t get installed properly. This can be a Sim, a house/household or an object, piece of clothing or hairstyle. Solution Always use the newest version of Origin. Try the following if you have faulty downloads installed: Move the folder Library (those are your houses and households) to your desktop (or rename it). You won’t loose…

  • Error,  Launcher,  Store & Exchange

    Exchange Content cannot be installed

    Problem I want to install something I’ve downloaded from the exchange but I get an error I get the following error message: Installation failed: Please make sure your game has the latest Software Updates and try again. I do not get an error message but when I start the game, the items are not in the game. Cause This problem has several causes Your game is not updated The file name of the Sims3pack contains special characters like semicolons. You tried to install something that is corrupt. If you check those with Custard, you’ll see lots of red package files and…

  • Error,  Store & Exchange

    Store Content cannot be installed

    Problem I’ve downloaded something from the Sims 3 Store but I can’t install them. I get the following error message: Installation failed: Please make sure your game has the latest Software Updates and try again. Cause This error seems to occur if the launcher can’t verify ownership of the item correctly. Check this thread: Exchange Content cannot be installed if you get this error on trying to install an exchange item Solution Re-download the item from your purchase history.

  • Custom Content,  Error,  Launcher

    Downloaded Sims and Houses can’t be installed

    Problem I’ve downloaded a Sim/House/Household from the exchange but I can’t find it in CAS or in the library Cause There are many Sims out there that cannot be installed through the launcher. They will show as installed but next time you open the launcher, they are uninstalled again. I don’t know why some Sims show this behavior but it’s possible that CC has something to do with it. When a Sim/House/Household is installed through the launcher, a file will be saved to the SavedSims folder (or the library folder in your user data directory. For some reason, this will not…

  • Custom Content,  Error

    Installed Downloads don’t appear ingame

    Problem The Downloads I installed can’t be found anywhere in my game Solution This can have several reasons Sims3pack Files Follow instructions here: Install Sims3Packs Make sure you did not just download but also install them. Make sure the files have not uninstalled themselves again. If a creator has used package files in their creation, you won’t get those automatically. Because of this, the Sim or house you’ve downloaded from the Exchange can look different in your game. Package Files Follow instructions here: Install Package files Subfolders are only recognized if your resource file is set up to support them.…

  • Tutorial

    Troubleshooting Steps

    Introduction There are several things you can try to solve various issues. These thing will not harm your game but they don’t always help either. Always backup your user files before trying anything. Tips from MTS Here’s a few tips from the MTS Wiki you can try: Game Help:Sims 3 Game Problem Computer Maintenance On a windows PC you collect a lot of garbage over the years. Programs aren’t uninstalling properly and leave traces in your Windows Registry. Your computer’s hard disc is being fragmented when you delete stuff and you collect temp files and user files that no one ever…

  • FAQ,  Store & Exchange

    Meaning of the icons in CAS and Launcher

    Introduction The launcher as well as CAS/Build/Buy Menu have little icons next to clothing/objects/etc. Those icons give you an indication where the item came from. Launcher The launcher has two different icons EA Store CC This lets you easily distinguish if something is a third party content or came from the Sims3 Store. Houses, worlds and Sims that you download from the Exchange or other sites are displayed as CC. CAS/Build- & Buy Mode CAS/Build and Buy Mode have some extra icons but the red flower that indicates cc does not display. All downloads that are installed through the launcher…

  • Bad CC

    Categorized for teens and up

    Problem There are a lot of downloads around that are categorized for ages teens and up. We all know that teen sims are slightly smaller then the other age groups. This leads to errors with clothing and shoes. You will see the following effects Cut Ankles Cut Waist Cut Neck For some downloads, the error is hardly visible for others they are plain obvious. It’s up to you if you want to get rid of them or not. List There are tons of downloads out there that are categorized this way and therefore I’m not going to make a list.…