• Bugs

    Professional bars don’t work

    Problem My sim can’t order anything from the professional bar. He’s jumping back Cause Seems Patch 1.55 broke professional bars in existing games  There could be more factors. Solution Replace the bar with a new one from the buy menu.

  • Bugs

    Sim can’t use the diving board

    Problem My sim wanted to use the diving board but instead of doing so, he resets Cause Sims always had a diving skill. It’s a hidden skill that increases when your sim jumps into the water from the side of the pool. With the new board they’ve changed the skill to only have 2 levels when it had 5 before. Because of this, existing Sims with a skill higher than 2, reset. Solution None Mods that help with the issue Use MasterController to set your Sims diving skill to 2 or lower Twallan will be adding a fix to Overwatch…

  • Fixed

    Sims can’t collect or analyze Space Rocks

    Problem My sim wanted to collect space rocks but instead of doing so, he resets Cause Seasons brings us Aliens and it seems they still have something to do with the space rocks. Unfortunately EA missed to handle the code correctly if the EP is not present which leads to the jumping. Solution This should be solved once you install seasons. I don’t have a solution for you if you don’t plan on getting it. Mods that help with the issue Overwatch solves the issue with V83 or higher Further Reading Sims reset / jump out of actions Sims can’t…

  • Fixed

    Melting metals is not working

    Problem My Sim resets/jumps when he tries to send metals for melting via the mail box Cause The new collection journal and the resulting changes in the collecting skill has lead to a few things breaking. You need to collect each kind of metal the usual way (picking of the ground) to initialize the collection skill properly before you can use any other means like the cauldron or  magic to acquire the metal. Solution Collect each metal manually once. It has to be your sim. Giving it to someone else does not count. Mods, that help with the issue Overwatch…

  • Bugs

    Sims can’t garden properly

    Problem My sims fail to look after their garden properly. The jump out of the action and if I queue them up, they get canceled. The interaction tend garden is usually canceled after one plant. Cause Sims that had the collection skill before patching, have this bug since ea failed to make it backwards compatible. Solution None Mods that help with the issue Overwatch, V69 or higher should solve this. When you go traveling the bug will return so leave Overwatch in. Traveler should correct that issue. Use MasterController to set the collection skill of your Sim to -1. That…

  • Bugs

    Sim resets instead of performing

    Problem My Sim is supposed to perform on stage but he gets reset and stands next to the stage My Sim can’t perform a sing-o-grams. He resets Cause The Sim that is supposed to perform has not switched into his work outfit which causes the reset Solution Switch the Sim to their Stage Cloth prior to getting on stage Give your Sim a second career outfit Further Reading Sim doesn’t go to work Weird Career-Outfits

  • Bugs,  Incompatible Mods

    Sims reset / jump out of actions

    Problem My Sim wants to do some interaction but shortly after he stands behind/in front of the object without doing the action My Sim was at work but now he’s suddenly back home My Sim interacted with another Sim but after completion of the action he teleported several feet away. … Cause Incompatible Mods Corrupt Object A reset order was either given manually or by the game. This can happen if the game errors out. Depending on when the reset happens they can have more or less severe consequences ErrorTrap can cause resets but that is not because of an error…